Indoor Air Quality Monitor (IoT-WiFi)

It has been well established that high levels of CO2 and TVOCs (total volatile organic compunds) reduce the cognitive ability of human beings as much as 30%. The term encompasses a pretty huge collection of materials, including several produced by the human body — every time you exhale, you produce VOCs and CO2. It is now mandatory in many countries to monitor the indoor air quality and action accordingly.

This product operates at 230VAC and will provide the following parameters on a small 1.3” OLED display as well as send this data over wifi to the internet that can be monitored remotely.

Efficient air quality management for conference/discussion rooms, office rooms, work-out gymnasiums etc by automatically turning ON fresh air supply when required.

Remote management/reporting of air quality and thus maintain high working environment quality and health standards.

Air-Quality audits using recorded SD CARD data over extended periods.

  • eCO2 (equivalent CO2) → 400 to 8192 ppm (parts per million)
  • TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) → 0 to 1187 ppb (parts per billion)
  • Relative humidity (RH%) → 0 to 100%
  • Temperature → 0 to 120 Deg C

  • 1.3” OLED: local bright blue display.
  • DATA-LOGGER with TIME-STAMP: Records SD card data at user specified interval. Refer below sample for a scan rate of 60 seconds (1 Minute interval)

    At 60 seconds scan rate, 4 GB can store over 100 years of continuous data.
  • WIFI MODULE: conveys the monitored air-quality data over the internet enabling remote logging and viewing.
  • MICRO SD CARD: for setting up the WiFi connectivity and logging data.
  • TWO ENVIRONMENT SENSORS: sensor-1 for HUMIDITY and TEMPERATURE, sensor-2 for eCO2 and TVOC.
  • RELAY: contact for blower motor that can supply fresh air when the air quality levels exceed the user set threshold. The high and low set-points can be set using the SD card.
  • PIR MOVEMENT SENSOR to switch-on the local OLED display.
  • The display turns off after 10 minutes when no movement is detected.
  • Extremely accurate REAL TIME CLOCK: Battery backed, accuracy +/- 2 minutes/year.
  • Humidity and Temperature compensation: The TVOC sensor is compensated every hour for variation in temperature and humidity.
  • THRESHOLD/TVOC SET-POINTS: User can set the high and low set-points for TVOC in the SD CARD. These values are used to activate the relay which can in turn drive an Air-blower to replenish fresh air. The relay is energized if the TVOC level exceeds the high set-point and de-energizes when it is lower than the low set-point. The values and the relay status are always displayed on the local display. This data is also recorded in the SD card as well as sent over internet and helps to see when a change was made and at what values the device was operated

An optional dust sensor (PM2.5/10) is also available that can detect particulate matter size from 0.3-2.5-10 microns.