Presence Monitor (IoT-WiFi)

Unlike cheap PIR that requires body movement, this product houses an IR thermal imaging sensor to capture the radiation emitted by human body (static or moving). The radiation is analyzed by 64 IR sensors in an 8x8 array. The results are further processed by a microcontroller to judge human presence. The FOV (field of view) of 60 degrees can cover a large area and can sense up to a distance of about 4 meters. A typical mounting on the ceiling is more than adequate for a large room/hall.

A relay output (NO/NC) is provided to turn ON any external devices when a human presence is detected.

The unit also has a WIFI module that will send the following information to host at an interval of 20 seconds,

  • Occupancy
  • Location/area/room number
  • Current presence time in minutes. Accumulates when someone is present.
  • Yesterday’s presence time in minutes.

It can find extensive use in,

  • Efficient energy management for conference/discussion rooms, office rooms, work-out gymnasiums etc by automatically turning OFF power when not in use;
  • Remote management reporting of occupancy in large hotels, old-age homes, hostels and such accommodation facilities.
  • Restricted areas. An alarm can be generated, messages can be triggered over internet and cameras/light may be switched on, gates can be locked etc;
  • Works at ZERO ambient light or in areas where normal cameras are not allowed or cannot work (due to privacy infringement or security reasons).