Water Current Meter - Flow Probe

This is a portable microprocessor based standalone water-velocity measuring instrument powered by two standard AA size alkaline batteries. This could find use in hydro power stations, irrigation canals, river flow, and analysis purposes.

Four variations of velocity data (in meters / second), refreshed every second, is displayed on an OLED (self-illuminating) making it suitable for low ambient light measurement also. It is designed compact, light-weight, strong and portable. It can provide,

  • Instantaneous velocity.
  • Moving Average velocity (average of last ā€œnā€ samples calculated every second and the user can set ā€œnā€ from 1 to 20).
  • Maximum/Minimum velocities that are measured during the time period/window triggered by the user.

The sensor assembly that is attached to the telescopic rod-end comprises of an impeller, magnets and a hall sensor. On the other end, it has the electronics housed in a rectangular enclosure. The electronic components are treated with a conformal coating to render long service life.

The enclosure has 3 push buttons and an ON/OFF switch. There is also a wrist-band attached to the dip-rod to prevent any inadvertent dropping of the device into the flowing water.

It is basically a turbine meter where the electrical pulses proportional to the velocity are measured. The signal is fed to a microcontroller which in turn applies the mathematical calculation based on the stored calibration data and outputs the flow velocity.